In the inner cellar of my loved one I drank

Presented in “La interior bodega”, Cicle Inmaterial. Barcelona. (enero de 2006).

The previous work

I understood this action as the third one of a block in which the same subject matter was approached. The first one, " To get lost to be found " was treating the topic of the archetypal trip. The trip that is reflected in the stories, in the histories of the heroes, in the religious orders. In the ways of life of the mystical orders. The trip that removes you from the mechanical routine, the trip necessary to test and confirm yourself in a experienced manner with the world. The trip one that you can find an treasure. The treasure of the oneself inner change. The second one, " Almost naked like the sons of the sea " was approaching the life as a trip. I was speaking about we coming from we don't know and go away, with the death, towards the same place from which we came. Of the memories of the persons whom we meet, of the memories from that already they departed, of the one that will stay of me when I go away to the place wherefrom I came here. " In the interior... " I proposed to work here the dimension of interior trip as metaphor of death and renaissance in brilliance. This action shapes a unit with the other two. Three it is a common number in romanic languages to speak about the unit. It's used in the holiest trinity to speak about god and in the psychoanalytic Freudian vision to understand the holistic human totallity: Ego, Id and superego. In the transactional analysis, father, adult and child and in Ogden-Richards's semantic triangle to speak about the sign and the linguistic sign (significant, important, relating). Three it is a conclusive and complete number. The third attemp is the definitive one, there are no two without three, where two people fit three people will do... I took advantage of the name and the previous use of warehouse of " The interior warehouse ". I took given the verse of the spiritual Canticle of San Juan of the Cross to which there refers the name of the place, The interior warehouse, to live through an experience of interior transformation. Two anecdotes, the same process In our culture and in the cultural global one through that we live, out of the psychology, we have not developed cultural social technology for the internal transformation of the individual. The suffering and the individual pain that all the human beings we take as the alone fact of living refuse socially recognizing as legitimal pain only the personal serious situations of mortal disease, lost of nearby relatives or other culturally typified tragedies. The rejection and not recognition of the personal pain of the individuals on the other hand has produced the whole cultural avoiding technology in the shape of rules of behavior in the expression of the pain and the emotions, generally of concealment, and about regulation on what an individual "must be" and LIKE "must be". In the process of liberation, already be of a dependence or of a mystical experience of transcendency and union there becomes indispensable the recognition of the cultural technologies to which before I was referring and of the procedure of what " must be " as step necessary to break them, them transgress and transcend . This one is the process that I believe that it happens in the fall in punctured of the alcoholic one and in the " dark night of the soul " of a mystic. The same process with result of liberation if one is successful in him(it). This is what I counted(told) in " In the interior warehouse of my dear one I drank " with Xavier Torns's invaluable help.