Presented at “Actes de fe i generositat”. Festival internacional de performance. La Bisbal d’Empordà, Girona, España. (2005) Duration: 40 min.
Actes de fe i generositat. La terra sona
Human beings, in order to survive, have developed culture. “Culture” in the widest sense of the word. Habits, beliefs, norms, prejudices, prohibitions... An entire knowledge transmitted through generations and indispensable for the surviving of the community. Most of the time, in this “transmissible wisdom”packages, which conform and order human groups, the most important factor is not the individual, but rather the image of the individual that the package defines. This image has fed us, it has nurtured us, and our bodies receive it in a tactile way. Sometime in the past, the human species added to this wisdom the idea that we are here just transitorily, and that an authentic life is waiting for us in the other world. We ate the apple from the wisdom tree of good and evil, and lost the innocence required for living in Paradise. Therefore, we are travellers in transit through a territory which we do not know now and we will not know because it is not our territory. The one of us, the authentic one, will arrive after Death. Culture involves us and isolates us, filters and modules our perception, defines us and builds us as individuals, and frees us from the animality, transforming us into the beings of Creation which domesticates and subdues it. The other, sad, side of the shiny success is having made us strange in our own home.