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International Festival of performatics actions Ebent 04. Barcelona (Novembre-Decembre 2004)
Duration: 45 min.

When I was a child I was dreaming of going away far. Dressed like a vagabond walk without course, without destination. Probably because I lived the first days of my life in a suitcase like cradle or probably to imitate the protagonist of the story that thousand times told me, Juanillo " the bear " or " the idiot", because to Juanillo he was changing his name depending on the one who was telling myself the history. My childhood is plenty of stories in which the protagonist travels. Stories that makes me travel and play lead in meetings and fightings against devils, against monsters to which win, against fairies disguised as witches. Travellers that return, after thousand incidents, rich to the place wherefrom they worked out poor.
To repeat the Archetype: The trip is a structure thousand times repeated in our cultural corpus, in our oral traditions. It has taken form and one forms constantly in all artistic manifestations. The religions often impose or recommend peregrinations. Travelling means to escape of the daily automatism. It is a door opened for the capture of conscience on one itself and a door opened for the capture of awareness of the relation of the individual with the world.
Elements of the proposal: The principal element is the "reelaboration", my personal reelaboration of the archetype for what, besides my own interpretation/production I use other reelaborated products: aesthetic elements of the Dance Butoh, reelaboration quasi contemporary of the Japanese tradition that arises in the 50’s of XX century, and Gurdjieff's Dances (gathered dances reinterpreted and re-elaborated from the observation of the former traditions of movement related to the religions of Asia in the first half of the XX century by Gurdjieff).