What is Art?

This is a work realized at the end of the workshop “Environment, object and body”, at the Festival internacional de Performance Ebent’ 03, at the Cotxeres Borrell of Barcelona, November 2003.
Duration: 45 min.

”What is Art” is a reflection about attitude and intention as necessary elements for creating art. By using sand collected from an artificial beach of Barcelona, located in a place where no beach existed before, I wrote the sentence “What is Art?” and, over it, I build the layout of an artificial beach in the room of Les Cotxeres Borrell.
The purpose was elaborating an artificial beach in the room with elements taken from an artificial beach located in the shoreline of that town. All around the room beach I spread garbage also previously collected from the artificial beach, and , dressed with the official clothes of local refuse collectors, I started cleaning it up and raking the sand as the local park and garden employees do. With respectful and meditative attitude, I elaborated a zen garden which, again, modified the appearance of the fake beach. Identical manipulations to the ones of local employees, in addition to an attitude based on presence and conscience, gave rise to a process of artistic intervention.